Alicante City Follows Malaga & Other Cities In Reducing Speed Limits

Credit Flickr
Alicante City has cut speed limits to 30 km/h on one-way and single-carriageway streets, and joins Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga in a bid to lower road accidents.
Last year the DGT ordered the reduction in every Spanish city and already traffic accidents in Barcelona have reduced by a substantial 40%.
Spain is one of very few EU countries to approve the measures suggested by the EU-wide ‘City 30’ initiative whilst other countries rulers have ignored.
Alicante being the second city in the Valencian Community to adopt the ruling, with Valencia having applied the rule in June this year.
Officials have stated that this change will make the streets more pedestrian-friendly, and reduce accidents, noise, air pollution as well as reduce car fumes in built up areas.


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