One in two Spanish pet owners prefer animal chums to humans

CAPTION: PET POWER: The report revealed how much of an impact pets can have on people’s lives. CREDIT: Shutterstock

SOME 50 per cent of Spanish pet owners prefer their animal chums to humans, according to a new study.

The Amazon report into the behaviour and attitudes of people with pets in Spain revealed just how important their animals are to them and how much of an impact they can have on their lives.

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Nearly 50 per cent admitted they have changed holiday plans so they could take their pets along. One in three said they have had to buy new furniture thanks to their animals and one in six confessed to putting up with an animal-related allergy.

Two-thirds of Spanish owners said they call their pets “bebe” (baby), or “higo” (son or daughter).

What’s more, 60 per cent maintain employers should give workers compassionate leave when a beloved pet passes away.

Spaniards spend an average of €45 a month on their animals. One in five said they spend as much on grooming for their pets as they do on having their own hair done.

About the same number have opened some kind of social media account for their animals.

A large majority (86 per cent), are convinced that having a pet is good for their mental health, and 87 per cent believe their animals are capable of feeling human emotions.


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