Would You Believe it? Boxer Nigel Benn Coming Out Of Retirement

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Nigel ” The Dark Destroyer”  Benn is due to announce a comeback.

Ilford born Benn at the grand old age of 55 is set to step back into the ring at the commonly known NEC Birmingham Arena.
Benn who was a phenomenon in his day winning and defending world titles.
Benn held world championships in two weight classes, including the WBO middleweight title in 1990, and the WBC super-middleweight title from 1992 to 1996.
Despite not fighting in the martial art of the Queensbury rules since 23 years  ago in 1996 when he lost to Irish ” Celtic Warrior” Steve Collins, Benn has called a press conference for Thursday to make a ” major announcement relating to his future career”
 He is expected to confirm his comeback fight will take place on November 23 in Birmingham.
The fight reportedly will be licensed by the British and Irish Boxing Authority avoiding the stricter controls of the British Board Of Boxing Control who would have been unlikely to sanction the fight, Robert Smith who is the head of the BBBOC not a fan of elderly fights.
Smith himself lost control of UK fights after Chisora fought David Hay in London whilst being suspended and fought under the Luxembourg Boxing Board of Control at the West Ham football ground Upton Park.
Strong rumours within the boxing fraternity is the fight will actually be announced against Steve Collins but we will only find out on Thursday.


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