Wrong side blamed for Picassos Guernica

Wrong side blamed for Picassos Guernica Credit: Google images

RED faced UN officials have had to apologise after their website claimed that Spanish Republicans were responsible for the 1937 fascist bombing of Guernica. 

The incident was immortalised in a painting by Pablo Picasso that became a symbol against the horrors of aerial warfare and was a pointer to the air raids of World War 2. 

The UN, which has a reproduction of the painting at its New York HQ, said on its website that the Malaga-born artist painted it as a protest “against the atrocities of the Republic during the Spanish Civil War.” 


In fact the bombing was carried out by German and Italian fascist forces in support of Franco in 1937, killing 130 people. 

Now UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric, has apologised to Spain calling it a “horrible mistake” that will be corrected immediately. 

For now, the UN website has been taken down while specialists review it in case there are any other mistakes. 


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