Baywatch wannabe in Cala Millor

Baywatch wannabe in Cala Millor credit: Shutterstock

A BOGUS lifeguard has been arrested in Cala Millor.

The man was allegedly pretending to be a lifeguard even though he had no paperwork or qualifications.

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Police were told that the lifeguard at a well-known hotel in Cala Millor had not completed any formal training and did not have the correct paperwork for the role even though he was in charge of the safety of hundreds of bathers.

Police went to the hotel to confront the man. When he spotted the uniformed police, he threw his backpack and flip flops off and ran for it, jumping over unsuspecting tourists on their sun loungers.

The police did not give chase as they found the imposter’s passport in his discarded backpack which identified him as a 26-year-old Argentinian man named only as Luis Alberto P.

It also showed that the man had been living in Spain without the correct papers to reside in Spain which only stands to complicate his situation at court.

The man confessed that he was working without the correct papers or qualifications and that the hotel was not aware of his situation as they employed him through an external company.


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