BREAKING: Gibraltar to beat the UK in holding a General Election before Brexit

Governor Edward Davis (left) receives request to dissolve Parliament from Fabian Picardo Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

BEATING Boris Johnson, the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo today (Monday) handed a request to the Governor to dissolve parliament immediately.

A general election has been called for Thursday October 17 which is the same date as the next meeting of the European Council and the Chief Minister said that the planned departure from the European Union was one of the key factors in fixing the date of the election, especially given there could be elections in UK and Spain soon.

Although there will be no MPs sitting in Gibraltar prior to the election, Fabian Picardo and the Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia will be attending UK party political conferences as previously intended.


Mr Picardo made it clear that he intended to stand for re-election as he believes that he has the experience and background to deal with whatever situation arises with Brexit and said it was the wrong time to trust novices or ‘has beens’, political experiments or political spent forces when the people of Gibraltar face what could be a very difficult time.

Current ministers are aware of the Chief Minister’s decision and are expected to confirm later today whether they intend to stand at the election or to retire from politics.


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