Yellowhammer: no-deal chaos fears as secret Brexit papers published

Brexit: Operation Yellowhammer no-deal document published Credit: Shutterstock

THE HOUSE OF COMMONS voted, by 311 to 302, for the government to publish the information, giving the prime minister a deadline of 11pm on Wednesday to comply.

The new document claims to be a “worst-case scenario” which warns of disruption at Dover and other channel crossings for at least three months, an increased risk of public disorder, and some shortages of fresh food.

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The report also indicates medical supplies on cross-Channel routes “make them particularly vulnerable to severe extended delays”, the report says, with some medicines having such short shelf lives they cannot be stockpiled. A lack of veterinary medicines could increase the risk of disease outbreaks, it adds.

The possible chain reactions may include: Protests and counter-protests will take place across the UK, Lorries could have to wait more than two days to cross the Channel, Some businesses will cease trading and a possible growth in the black market.

The document also concedes that there will be a return to some sort of hard Irish border despite a UK insistence it will not impose checks.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald has stated “This is more like emergency planning for war or a natural disaster and we are doing it voluntary.”

Boris Johnson has lost every vote in parliament since he became prime minister in July, including on his two attempts to trigger a snap general election for next month.


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