Pensioner dies after being gored at a bull run in Horche-Guadalajara

Pensioner dies after goring at bull run in Horche Guadalajara Credit: Guadalajara Diario

AN 84-YEAR man died after he was gored several times during a bull run in Horche in Guadalajara on Monday. 

He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, but passed away later the same day. 

Spanish press reported the pensioner had been standing at the entrance to the village some distance from where the bulls were running when he was surprised by the bull.  


He was gored first in the thigh and then again in the stomach.  

The elderly man had allegedly been a great bullfighting enthusiast. 

He was the second person to be killed by a bull during fiesta celebrations in Spain in the last fortnight. At the end of August a 62-year old man was killed during a bull run in Cuellar, 155kms north of Madrid. 


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