A metre for the Fiestas in Benidorm

FUNDRAISER: Benidorm’s mayor and Fiestas queens set the euros rolling Photo credit: Benidorm town hall

METRE by metre Benidorm’s Fiestas Committee raised funds by adding euros to a strip running through the Old Town.

The cash will be used for the town’s principal fiestas next month and Benidorm’s mayor Toni Perez, Fiestas councillor Jesus Carrobles, councillors from the three parties on the local council and Alicante MP Agustin Almodobar started off the Euro-Marathon in the Alameda.

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They were there to support the Fiestas queens Marina Carrillo and Paula Mayor, Fiestas Committee president Roberto Carretero and the mayorales (committee members) who collected the euros donated by passers-by.

The Fiestas queens and their attendants also visited local shops for additional euros although the Committee had already collected many metres of the coins beforehand thanks to their “Metre for the Fiesta” initiative with local businesses, associations and peñas (Fiestas clubs) who have each donated a metre of euros to add to the strip.


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