Helicopter following La Vuelta Spots Cannabis Grow near Barcelona

Above the roof tops the helicopter unknowingly captured a cannabis plantation. Credit: La Vuelta

The helicopters that followed the Vuelta Ciclista a España on the 31st August unintentionally captured an image of a roof top cannabis plantation.

The online images are distributed to dozens of countries that follow the evolution during three weeks of the main cyclists of the international squad on roads all over Spain.

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The stage in question was the last kilometre of the race Calle Lleida, Igualada near Barcelona, the helicopter showed the progress of the cyclists in their final approach to the finish line, but on the air it was possible to see much more than just the end of the race. The aerial images showed a plantation of 40 marijuana plants in their different stages.

The house in question had been emptied and the inhabitants no longer present, leaving no trace other than the plants that could be seen via the La Vuelta cameras.


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