Man sues parents for refusing to financially support him…and loses

The 24 year old has been told that he must adapt his lifestyle to become financially independent. Source: PXHere

A 24 year old from Barcelona has unsuccessfully taken his parents to court for failing to financially support him, six years after leaving the family home.

The man left his parents home when he was 18 and since leaving, he claims that his parents should pay for his upkeep as he is unable to support himself thanks to deciding to return to education.

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However the appellate court in Barcelona has declared that the man “must accept the responsibilities that come with his decisions.”

“After turning 18 and moving out, he also ceased to be under the unconditional protection of his parents, and his recent decision to start studying should take into account his own abilities of balancing studies with the work necessary for his own upkeep,” said the ruling.

According to the report, by the time the young man turned 18 he was not studying, despite signing up for a vocational course, and was not in employment. He received money from a study scholarship but spent it on a tattoo.

When his father, who was then separated from his mother, insisted that he get a job he moved out and lived with his grandparents.

During the hearing, the young man said his parents should cover his food expenses because he was studying, but the court ruled that although in certain circumstances a person can apply for “pensión de alimentación” (money for food), the court ruled that in this case the relatives can not be expected to “maintain the illusions or expectations” of someone who is over 18.


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