Stay and be true to yourself

DON’T COMPROMISE: Be yourself.
DON’T COMPROMISE: Be yourself.

‘BIRDS of a feather flock together.’ There’s certainly something to be said about that phrase. In many ways the company you keep can define who you are, we’re usually drawn to making friends with those who like the same things or have similar traits, we’re also drawn to people we aspire to be like, or at the very least possess qualities that may resonate with us.

It has been said ‘you eventually become the average of the people you spend most of your time with.’ However, I believe that it has more to do with the amount of time we spend with people which has the greater impact, thus moulding a large part of the person you become.

What happens when you find yourself spending time with people who are not actually like you? People that don’t share the same views or values? Or have a different moral standing?


If these people disempower you, surely the question to ask yourself is, ‘why I am spending time with these people?’

Failing to be your true self will inhibit true friendships as you’re not expressing the real you. If the real you is hidden and a false personality created to fit in, in order to please others, this will certainly lead you to feel imprisoned as the creative wonderful potential you have is simply locked away and those who deserve to appreciate and welcome it are deprived of it.

Do you find yourself: concerned by what others think, trying to please others, fearful of their disapproval, conscious of your mannerisms and what you say?

Shyness, lack of self-confidence, nervousness, or fear of criticism can all be contributing factors to hiding your true personality and stop you from naturally getting along with others. Moreover, you’ll be missing out on people who would be better suited to the real you and enable you to be your real self.

A good way to start is to invest in people who are investable and not those that you feel you have an obligatory allegiance to. Who or what are investable people? These are people who genuinely care about you, remain loyal and accept and love you for who and what you are. They are people who no matter what their status is in life know they are no better than you.

Some may say these type of people are hard to find, look closely, they’re everywhere, but you will never notice or meet them if you are not aligned to them, simply put, if you are spending your time and energy on relationships that do not really serve you, you will miss investable people.

Compromising your true self, character and nature will not give you the fulfilment you so very much deserve.

You can make a good impression on people by not concerning yourself as to what he or she may think of you. This can be difficult at first but when someone judges you remember, they are simply defining themselves, not defining you.

Refuse to get caught up in who you think you should be, relax and be who you are. You are just one decision away from ‘taking action’ and becoming your true self. So I urge you, make that choice today and watch the miracles of life start to unfold.


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