UK Parliamentarians and Gibraltar National Day

Bob Neill MP
Bob Neill MP signing the banner last year Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

A NUMBER of British Parliamentarians have arrived in Gibraltar today (Friday) to show their support for Gibraltar’s National Day and the right of the people of Gibraltar to self-determination.

Members of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) which includes MPs, Peers as well as some MEPs from the Gibraltar and South West constituency are arriving on the Rock at a time of ever changing activity in Westminster.

As a result, many of the MPs have had to cut short their visit to Gibraltar and will be leaving on Sunday to comply with their party whips instructions to be at hand for voting whilst others have had to cancel their visit altogether due to party activity.


Also on Tuesday September 10 (National Day) a memorial service is being held in the UK for former Lib Dem leader and MP Lord Paddy Ashdown which is being attended by all Lib Dem MPs and Peers and many of Mr Ashdown’s colleagues and friends from other political parties.

This evening however there will be a signing of the Self Determination for Gibraltar Group banner proclaiming self-determination by those visiting as well as the entire Gibraltar Government and then guests will attend the Chief Minister’s evening National Day reception.

Bob Neill MP the chair of the APPG Gibraltar has expressed the full support that Gibraltar enjoys across Parliament.


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