Spanish thrill for Mark Wright

FAMILY HISTORY: Mark Wright appeared on Who Do You Think You Are?: Facebook

The Original star of TOWIE Mark Wright – he featured in the first three series of the reality show – has always felt at home in Spain – and now he might realise why.

The 31-year-old Essex native loves to visit Marbella on holiday – his cousin Elliott owns Olivia’s restaurant just up the coast – and has now found out one of his ancestors was Spanish.

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While filming popular genealogy show Who Do You think You Are? It was revealed that his nine times great grandfather was a swordsman in Andalucia.

But while that was a thrilling discovery the information that his forbear was persecuted for his Jewish faith was not so welcome.

Speaking to The Sun he said: “That’s hard to take when it’s someone in your bloodline, tortured for years and burned at the stake. Knowing my family went through that – I can relate to it even more.”


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