Storm drain dog rescue in Alhabia, Almeria

dog rescue
ORDEAL: The dogs were trapped underground for at least two days. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

TWO dogs trapped in a storm drain in Alhabia for at least two days are recovering in a Pechina animal rescue centre following a Guardia Civil rescue.

Local residents alerted the emergency services to the dogs’ plight after hearing their anguished barks.

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With the help of the fire service, Guardia officers discovered the terrified animals several metres underground in a horizontal section of the drain. They believe the dogs had got in through a gap in the cement drain cover, but had been unable to get back out again.

Neighbours had been getting food to the animals through the hole in the cover. By the time the officers got down to them and managed to bring them up they were in a state of great distress although unharmed.


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