Greener light for Almanzora

Almeria Council
POWER SAVING: The provincial Development deputy said the projects would cut electricity bills and contamination. CREDIT: Almeria Provincial Council website

THE provincial government is investing €720,000 in improving energy efficiency in four Almanzora municipalities.

The Diputacion de Almeria has already awarded the works projects for energy-saving measures to be implemented in Lucar, Olula del Rio, Sierro and Urracal, which the administration said will lead to savings on municipal electricity bills, reduce light contamination and cut down on the emission of greenhouse gases.

Provincial Development deputy Oscar Liria said as well as reducing expenditure on power by around 30 per cent, the investment in the latest generation street lighting would translate into better service for residents of the four municipalities “through measures which respect the environment.”


Liria maintained these kinds of works are particularly important in the smallest of the province’s 103 municipalities because “they have fewer resources for undertaking action in terms of infrastructure.”

According to the deputy, the energy efficiency investment is the type of project which contributes “to modernising and transforming municipalities”, also encouraging people not to move away from smaller areas.


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