Spain might fine Open Arms rescue team

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Carmen Calvo has accused the Open Arms of breaching protocol

THE Spanish government has threatened to fine the Open Arms Rescue team for saving a boat of migrants off the coast of Libya.

The argument has been made by Spain’s deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo who claims that the Open Arms was not given permission to enter Libya’s territorial waters as it was set on a mission to help Greece.

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Calvo told a popular radio station that they have broken the law by diverging from protocol and knowingly disobeying a direct order from their superiors. As a result of which they could face a fine of more than €900,000.

Despite the ongoing ordeal between Italy’s Interior Minister and the Open Arms, that has led to a stalemate between the NGO vessel and the Italian border control, Calvo has recently stated that some of the migrants may be allowed to be transported to Spain.

Spain has dispatched a navy vessel to retrieve a portion of the migrants aboard the Open Arms after five other European countries offered to take in a share of those stranded at sea.


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