The man of French nationality arrested for the blaze which has torched 300 hectares of Estepona countryside on Monday, has been released with charges

Fire caused by imprudence: Man arrested has been released with charges Credit: Facebook

The man detained on Monday as responsible for the Estepona fire appeared at the courts this morning.

After the hearing, the Prosecutor’s Office has determined that entry into prison is not requested neither have precautionary measures been taken as the citizen has resided in Estepona for a long time, without a criminal record and shown willingness to clarify what happened at all times.

The man accused of causing the fire, which has now calcined 300 hectares in the Sierra Bermeja was visibly affected during the hearing and broke down on several occasions.


It seems that several days previously he and his 13-year-old daughter suffered wasp stings.

The man has stressed they were wasps and not bees and tired of the situation, he decided to burn the hornet’s nest, for which he used gasoline, and that “it got out of hand.”

The man will have to appear at court when required.


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