Drone doubts as the devices are brought in to tackle traffic offences in Spain

Traffic Drones Credit: Shutterstock

Since August 1, the DGT (Direccion General de Trafico) has been using drones with the capacity to fine us on the roads, but already there have been doubts as to the legalities of these traffic fines.

The drones are intended for traffic surveillance, keeping an eye on speeding, people using their mobile phones, not wearing their seat belts, and other infractions. These drones have cameras and are piloted via remote control, by agents of the Guardia Civil.

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The offence captured by the drones may then be notified immediately by a member of the Guardia Civil or subsequently processed by competent authorities.

The AEA (Automovilistas Europeos Asociados) questions the validity of these fines in terms of complying with the necessary legal guarantees.

They suggest that only infractions caught under the observation of Guardia Civil, and not DGT agents should be classed as valid, since they are the only ones with the authority to control the traffic.


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