Long-term feud prompts stabbing in Oria

ARREST: The 48-year old is suspected of attacking the victim with a large knife, leaving them in intensive care. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

A 48-YEAR old Oria man is under arrest for stabbing and seriously injuring an individual with whom he has been having a long-term feud, the Guardia Civil reported.

A.M.A is suspected of attacking the victim with a large knife outside a bar in the Los Cerricos area of Oria on Sunday evening following an altercation.

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The victim is now in intensive care.

A Guardia statement said when a patrol arrived at the scene they could see a trail of blood going from where the attack took place to where the person who had been stabbed was lying. Officers tracked down the 48-year old in a nearby warehouse. He told the Guardia he had been waiting for them.


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