Vox Twitter rant over Gibraltar stirs government tensions

Vox Twitter rant over Gibraltar stirs government tensions

SPANISH far right MP Agustin Rosety, has taken to Twitter to convey his anger over the ongoing territorial struggle over UK governed Gibraltar.

 The Vox MP has accused Britain of “stealing” a major Spanish military asset and argued that the UK is in breach of European law by not committing to negotiations to determine ownership after Brexit.

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In the rant, he said that Gibraltar is a military colony and its position makes it an ideal location for logistics, operations and intelligence in the protection of Spain, however he claims the UK government has stolen this valuable military asset and is “abusing” the Spanish workers currently employed there.

“Spanish workers are used as hostages by the Gibraltar government, without them, Gibraltar’s economy could not survive, “ he said.

“It is parasitic and impoverishes Spain. And especially harms the surrounding municipalities,” Rosety continued.

Rosety went on to state that the border between Gibraltar and Spain continues to allow the free passage of undesirable citizens under current EU law, and that he is appalled that none of the leading Spanish political parties have attempted to start negotiations regarding territorial ownership post Brexit.


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