Man arrested for the ‘Meco Murder’ case in Guadalajara

Mirian Vallejo who was brutally killed whilst walking her dogs. Source: Facebook / Nueva Onda Yunquera

A 29 YEAR OLD man has been arrested for the suspected killing of 25-year-old Miriam Vallejo in the Meco Murder case.

The original murder took place in January this year when Mirian was walking her dogs in a wooded area near her apartment in Villanueva de la Torre (Guadalajara).

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She was approached by an unknown man and stabbed to death. Her body was found a few minutes later by two male walkers.

An investigation has been ongoing for seven months to try to determine a motive and perpetrator of the crime.

A major clue in the arrest of the man was the apparent attitude of the dogs when the attack was taking place. They seemed to remain calm with no barking, leading authorities to believe she knew her attacker.

The investigation has led to the arrest of a man named Sergio, who was the boyfriend of Miriam’s best friend Celia and whom they shared a flat with.

The 29-year-old has proclaimed his innocence for the crime, stating that at the time of the murder, between 8.40pm and 8.50pm he was playing video games. However logs of his online activity place a window of time during his gaming session where he could have possibly committed the crime.


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