Local council of Cobatillas plans to reduce light pollution

Local council Cobatillas plans to reduce light pollution Credit: Shutterstock

THE Council of Cobatillas has declared that it will prevent the emission of 34 tonnes of CO2 with its new plan to install 136 new LED lights in the town.

Most of the new lighting system has been integrated along the Alicante Road and will continue being installed until 9,656 watts of lighting is installed. This will, according to Councillor Jose Guillen, help the town save over €11,000 each year and bring down light pollution significantly.

The plan comes after the EU requested the implementation of new energy saving electric systems to replace the less efficient ones that will help the environment in the long run. The Department of Urban Development and Modernisation in Murcia have stated in a press release that they will continue to improve the areas of Murcia so they comply with the ever changing EU energy efficiency regulations.



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