Four stabbings in Barcelona since Sunday

FOURTH knife attack in Barcelona since Sunday Photo: Shutterstock

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The city of Barcelona is reeling from a spate of stabbings over the past few days.

A man is in a serious condition after being stabbed in the Sant Martí area of Barcelona in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday).

It has been reported by witnesses that a fight broke out between two men before one of them brandished a knife and stabbed the other. The witnesses called the emergency services immediately who arrived on the scene to help the victim.

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The victim was taken to the Hospital del Mar and is believed to be in a stable condition and police have launched a search for his attacker.

This incident is the fourth stabbing since Sunday in the city. A man lost his life on Monday after being stabbed in La Mina the previous day.

A few hours later, a male was stabbed and seriously injured in Pla de Palau and shortly afterwards there was a further stabbing in Ciutat Vella a little while after that.

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