Italian fugitive arrested in Benidorm for drug trafficking

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ONE of six people detained in a Benidorm drugs raid was an Italian wanted by the Spanish police.

The arrests were the result of an operation launched after police investigators discovered drugs were being sold at a Benidorm bar belonging to an Italian whose whereabouts were unknown.

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When he disappeared the 48-year-old was wanted in Spain on five different charges, two of them involving prison sentences. He is also believed to have Camorra links.

The Gomorra bar was run by another Italian arrested in December 2017 after he was found with nine wraps of cocaine.

Investigators pinpointed three collaborators, prompting the recent Benidorm raid where the Policia Nacional initially made four arrests and confiscated cocaine.

During the operation a woman who emerged from an adjoining property “reacted aggressively” and was arrested after punching an officer.

When she claimed that she could not leave her children, police entered the apartment to ensure that they were not alone and found the man they had been seeking for six months.

“I’ll get 20 years but when I get out, I’ll know your faces, I’ll meet you and you’re going to pay,” he told them.

Together with his wife and the four detainees, he was brought before a Benidorm judge and remanded although the others were charged and later released.


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