Policeman stabbed on Spanish beach

Police man knifed on Spanish beach Credit shutterstock

A dramatic video captures the moment a deputy inspector of the Punta Umbría (Spain) Local Police, Antonio Garrido, was wounded in a knife attack.

The incident happened today (August 7) at 1.50pm as police carried out an operation against people illegally selling items on the Huelva beach.

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Garrido received three knife wounds. Although no vital organs or arteries are thought to have been cut the officer is in hospital and his condition is unknown.

The attacker is in custody with police saying he tried to stab two other officers. Another two men have also been detained by police.

Intervención en Punta Umbría (Huelva). Observen la navaja. Un agente herido (el Jefe del Cuerpo de Policía Local). 3 detenidos. http://huelva24.com/art/128651/apunalan-al-jefe-de-la-policia-local-de-punta-umbria-en-una-intervencion-contra-la-venta-ambulante-en-la-playa

Geplaatst door Policía Local op Woensdag 7 augustus 2019

This incident took place only five days after two officers were injured after being allegedly assaulted by two other unlicenced street vendors on the beach.

Town mayor Aurora Aguedo, has gone to visit the injured policeman in hospital to check his condition.

Local Police have sent him their support best wishes. And hopes he can be released from hospital soon.


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