Deadly Asian hornet

NASTY STING: The orange tinted, yellow legged Asian hornet Credit: Shutterstock

POLICE in Benijofar have warned locals of potentially lethal Asian Hornet that is currently at large in the area.

They have advised residents to call the authorities immediately on 112 if they see a nest of these deadly black and orange insects otherwise known as the ‘Yellow-Legged Hornets’.

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The ‘Velutina Vespa’ as it is referred to amongst scientists has caused several fatalities across Spain. Most recently, the death of Miguel Alvarez Calvin in Asturias in June who inadvertently disturbed a nest in a tractor tire. Although Calvin was aware of his wasp allergy, this particular variety of hornet’s venom is so strong that even after he injected himself full of adrenaline and antihistamines, he died whilst being transferred to the nearest hospital.

The sting of the Asian Hornet is not lethal to most, only those who have an allergy to wasps, bees and hornets. It is currently travelling from Northern Spain to Southern Spain in droves at a rate of around 40km per day according to insect experts.


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