From Australia to Spain The worlds best cocktail has been revealed

Negroni cocktail Credit: Shutterstock

How does an electric blue Negroni sound? Well if you like the idea of sipping on the world’s best cocktails, this has been named as the best cocktail in the world by Time Out.

Each year a list is compiled of the best cocktails on offer around the world and where to drink them – a bucket-list of cocktails if you like! The winner was the “Aegean Negroni” served at The Clumsies in Athens. But where did Spain fair in this list?

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Spain featured twice in the lineup with entries at numbers 26 and 28. In at number 26 is the “Camp Nou” cocktail which you can find at the Dr Stravisnsky bar in Barcelona and is made up of gin that is distilled on site with sherry and herbal syrup – yum!

Comfortably seated at number 28 is the Bloody Sanluqeño which is flying out of the cocktail shakers in the Angelita bar in Madrid. This cocktail is an improved version of a Bloody Mary and apparently has the same effect as the classic and gets rid of any nasty hangovers.

The impressive list covers bars from 27 cities in 18 different countries from Melbourne to Singapore and London to Italy. It is surprising to see a mix of classic cocktails and more elaborate concoctions with a clear focus on reinventing tried and tested recipes using local ingredients.

The thirsty work of trying all of these was down to the global network of local editors and experts around the globe that seemingly know the best places to enjoy a tipple or two. James Manning, global projects editor at Time Out said of this cocktail discovery: “’The tipples that they’ve picked for our curated list of the world’s best cocktails show that there’s never been a better time for adventurous drinkers, with local flavours and imaginative spins on the classics dominating the field. It shows that there’s much more to mixology than turning out the perfect Martini – although that’s on the list too.”


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