New “Wolfpack” arrests in Bilbao

DEMONSTRATORS: Thousands took to the streets to protest after the Pamplona wolf pack arrests.CREDIT:Facebook /Andressia Ramirez Herrera

With the bitter taste of the Pamplona “wolfpack” case still in the air, fresh arrests have been made in a similar case in the town of Ertzaintza, Bilbao in Northern Spain. The Local Police of Ertzaintza arrested six men in connection with the multiple sexual assault of an 18-year-old girl in a municipal park of Etxebarria.

She was admitted to Bilbao hospital in Basurto for checks. Hospital officials released details of the admittance to the Basque Department of Security who initiated a full investigation.This allowed the Municipal Police of Bilbao to make six arrests in connection with the attack, with six males between the ages of 18 and 36 being detained.

A spokesman for the Local Police force read:”A crime has been committed that involves an attack on physical and moral integrity and, consequently, a serious and intolerable violation of all human rights.” After the incident, the political groups of the City Council of Bilbao have issued a statement in which they show their “maximum condemnation and their deepest indignation for the sexist aggression”.


The mayor of Bilbao, Juan María Aburto urged that the “full weight of the Law and Justice” will be given to the attackers. He also issued a video statement on twitter condemning the attack and hoped citizens would stand together “to show all their outrage and all their solidarity with the victim.” The Feminist Movement of Bilbao staged a rally on Friday to protest against the attack and raise awareness of continued gender violence.



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