Spain’s capital launches rogue drone initiative

EYE IN THE SKY: The police hexacopter quadcopter drone
EYE IN THE SKY: The police hexacopter quadcopter drone CREDIT: Needpix

National police in Madrid have launched a new security system to hunt down rogue drones with an AI vessel that can detect drones that have crossed into restricted air space or those that commit an air traffic violation. 

The AI that has been developed especially for this service is a product of the Spanish tech company ASDT which specialises in location hardware. The technology is able to pinpoint the exact location of a drone pilot so that police can apprehend the individual. 

The police claim that any drone flying over 450 metres high in the air pose significant risk to other airborne aircrafts and should therefore be treated as a high risk case. 

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They have put in place several new regulations that drone pilots must adhere to when flying drones close to certain airspaces otherwise they run the risk of a hefty €6,000 fine. A man was recently charged with flying his drone over Barajas airport. 


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