British couple drunk and disorderly

The customs department of Gibraltar airport
Credit: Wikipedia The customs department of Gibraltar airport

A British couple has been detained for acting drunk and disorderly in Gibraltar airport with their three children in tow. 

The 54 year old father and the 53 year old mother were leaving the country and were just about to get on the plane before the woman fell over in front of her children, leading the authorities to stand in and arrest her and her husband. They were both charged with being drunk in their capacity as legal guardians of their children. 

Police and the paramedics were called to deal with the situation as the woman had reportedly caused a scene in the departures lounge and was behaving recklessly. She has been charged with Criminal Damage on top of the original allegations she received. 


The children have taken into police custody and will remain with Social Services at least until after the court decides what to do with the couple sometime during this week. 


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