Violently attacked following call deception

Guardia Civil were called to the scene. File photo. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil arrested three individuals suspected of attacking a man at his apartment block in Roquetas de Mar and stealing his mobile phone after luring him out of his home. 

The victim reported he got a call from a neighbour saying she had just got out of prison and asking him to come roundWhen he got to the flat there was no-one in, he said.

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He called the woman back to find out where she was and heard a phone ringing on the floor below. He could see three people, one of them holding the ringing mobile. 

According to the victim the trio set upon him, beating him, whacking him with a chain and snatching his mobile. 

He told Guardia he knew the aggressors and said he believed he had been deliberately ambushed. 

Investigations showed the woman the victim said called him was in fact still in prison at the time. 

The Guardia identified the three as A.J.R.V., F.G.R. and A.G.R., aged 35, 19 and 24 respectively. 


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