Pocketing collector items

Pocketing collector items
Pocketing collector items Credit: Twitter

THIEVES who pocketed items including antique silver coins, watches and fountains pens when they broke into a home in Malaga are under arrest. 

Police said they have detained two men, both Spanish, suspected of climbing up onto the property’s terrace and forcing open a sliding door to carry out the robbery, bagging pieces with a total value of close to €46,000. 

Investigations led to the recovery of a number of the stolen items from various pawns shops in the provincial capital, and which police have now returned to their rightful owners. 


The police operation was first launched at the beginning of May as a result of checks on these kind of businesses in Malaga by specialist officers. Among the discoveries which caught their attention was the sale of two coins minted in 1870 at a price well below their market value.  

It turned out the sale had been made by a 45-year old man living in Malaga. The investigating officers also found out his 44-year old partner had sold watches in another pawn shop in the city around the same time. 

An analysis of different transactions and the objects verified they were the stolen items. 

Police detained and charged the two suspects for breaking and entering. 



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