Tourist attacked

INJURED: Callum Crickson
INJURED: Callum Crickson CREDIT: Facebook

A British tourist on holiday in Magaluf has taken to Facebook to condemn three waiters and three bouncers at a popular nightclub in Punta Ballena for allegedly attacking him last week. 

Callum Crickson posted pictures of his injuries and stated that the incident occurred because of a broken glass and that as he was walking away he was attacked from behind and kicked and punched. Callum was left with deep lacerations on his arms and a broken nose. 

On the Facebook posCallum stated “3 waiter 3 bouncers and left with deep cuts and a broken nose all because of a dropped glass so I tried to walk away and do the smart thing and get hit from behind and kicked while I was on the floor slicing my arm open. 

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The young tourist is visiting hospital every day to receive treatment for his injuries and plans to stay in his hotel for the majority of his holiday. It has been reported that one of the attackers has since come forward to apologise and the others suspected to have been involved have had their contracts terminated with the nightclub. 

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