Children hit by airgun pellets

Children hit by airgun pellets
Children hit by airgun pellets Credit: Shutterstock

SIX children under the age of 10 and two adult supervisors have been hit with lead shot fired from an airgun while they played at summer school. 

The incident happened at the Eduardo Ocón school in Huelin, a historic neighbourhood of MalagaThe shots were fired from a building overlooking the playground. 

National Police say they have identified the perpetrator, who because of his aged (under 14) cannot be prosecuted. They have confiscated his gun. 

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The events took place when 150 children were in the playground for recreation. Supervisors first noticed something was up when they heard noises of impacts against the walls and windows of the school. 

Soon children began complaining of being ‘stung’. The youngsters were immediately moved indoors, but not before several were hit. None were seriously hurt. 


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