Odds on claim untrue

Odds on claim untrue
CAPTION: SUSPICIOUS: Investigations revealed the 35-year was playing roulette at the time he said he’d discovered the money was stolen from his car. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil suspect a Nijar man’s claim someone stole €3,900 from his car is false. 

The Guardia said investigations revealed the vehicle’s roof canvas had been broken, but added that a robber would have had to have known about the cash and exactly where it had been hidden inside the car. 

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Meanwhile, a chronological reconstruction of the facts put 35-year old M.H. in a games hall playing roulette at the time he supposedly discovered his money had been taken, “his version of events being impossible, the Guardia stated. 

The statement also said M.H. had “spent long periods of time” in a number of different games halls. 

The 35-year old now faces charges of simulating a crime. 


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