Police arrest suspect just hours after initial incident

Police arrest suspect just hours after initial incident
CAPTION: COLLABORATION: Police said they managed to track down the suspects quickly in no small part thanks to local residents’ help. CREDIT: Almeria Police Press Office

POLICE in Almeria arrested suspected robbers just hours after two violent incidents in different parts of the city. 

In the first case a woman was woken up in the middle of the night by the noise of the one of the windows of her vehicle she’d left parked in front of her house being smashed in. When she ventured out to see what was going on she saw a man rummaging through the car boot. He had already got his hands on a fishing rod and fishing accessories. 

She tried to grab the items out of the thief’s hands, leading to a tussle between the two. The victim ended up on the ground with a number of injuries and the attacker made off, along with another three individuals armed with iron bars and other blunt instruments. 


In the second incident a man was coming home in the early hours from a night out when he was approached by an individual who claimed he had broken his car windshield and demanding he pay him €500 for the damage. 

The man insisted he had done no such thing. But when the individual started issuing threats to him and his family he withdrew €200 from a nearby cashpoint and gave it to the assailant. 

Police reported that thanks in no small part to the collaboration of local residents they tracked down and detained the 41 and 18-year old suspects a short time later. 



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