Historic find beamed live

Historic find beamed live
IN ACTION: Archaeologists painstakingly unearth an ancient urn. CREDIT: Mojacar Informa Facebook page

ARCHAEOLOGISTS excavating the site of the ancient ‘Mojacar la Vieja’ settlement broadcast the discovery of a 13th century urn live on social media. 

The team from Granada University’s MEMOLab painstakingly unearthed the Muslim era find on Wednesday during what is the second phase of the dig on the historic site. 

Mojacar Council and the Valpariso Foundation are collaborating on the project, which Tourism Councillor Emmanuel Agüero has described as of great importance for the whole province. 


En directo desde la #excavación #arqueológica de #MojácarlaVieja #PatrimonioMojacar Turismo de Mojácar Mojacar Informa

Geplaatst door MEMOLab op Woensdag 17 juli 2019


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