Swimming pools are not baby-proof

Swimming pools are not baby-proof
Swimming pools are not baby-proof so Murcia Police raise awareness CREDIT: Shutterstock

Swimming pools are not baby-proof

MURCIA Police have released a video showing a two year old climb a supposedly baby-proof swimming pool ladder in an effort to raise awareness for poolside safety and children’s propensity to overcome safety measures.

The local authorities propose the 10/20 rule to help maintain a strong vigil over young children. This refers to the amount of time a toddler should be left unattended or unsupervised.

Swimming Pools Are Not Baby-Proof
Swimming Pools Are Not Baby-Proof Credit: Twitter @MurciaPolicia

The 10 refers to the maximum number of seconds parents should let elapse before they check on a child. The 20 refers to the number of seconds it would take to reach the child in case of an emergency. Police recommend that parents should always be able to reach a child within a 20 second time frame.

The concern for young children’s safety beside the pool comes after too many vulnerable infants have suffered tragic deaths from drowning. Just last month an 18 month-old baby girl drowned after climbing up a ladder to an above ground pool in Pontevedra, Galicia.

Murcia Police make the point that even when safety precautions are taken, curious toddlers can find a way to make them redundant.


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