Madrid’s Greenpeace activists cut off vehicle access in Madrid Central

Access cut off
The police have finally removed them from the road and the traffic has now been restored. Credit: Twitter @Greenpeace España

MEMBERS of Madrid’s Greenpeace carried banners saying “Central Madrid works” and “no more cars” on the first day that fines are suspended in the low emission areas of Madrid.

A dozen activists from Greenpeace gathered early this morning, sat on the road to Madrid Central on Calle Alcalá near Plaza de Cibeles, stopping vehicles accessing the streets.

The activists sitting on the road only allowed buses and taxi’s to enter Calle Alcalá, while private cars were forced to diverge into another direction.


Alvaro Fernandez, spokesperson of Madrid’s Greenpeace, indicated that his intention would be to stay there until the Mayor would accept a meeting they requested last Monday.

Greenpeace Madrid have also used social network to notify citizens of pickets that the Platform in Defence of Central Madrid will place between 10am and 7pm to show the areas of low emissions.

Today starts the suspension on fines in Central Madrid for three months until September 30. Those who inappropriately access the areas of low emissions will receive a warning but will not be fined.


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