British mother booted off easyJet flight for wearing over revealing top

CLAIM: Easyjet claimed Harriet Osbourne was removed because of disruptive behaviour. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A 31-YEAR old mother of two claims she was booted off an easyJet flight because she was wearing an over revealing top.

Harriet Osborne from Suffolk told a British newspaper that when she get on a Stansted-bound flight at Malaga airport an air stewardess told her her see-through, low-cut blouse and no bra attire were inappropriate for a plane with children on board.

The make-up artist alleged she hadn’t put a bra on because she was wearing nipple covers and tape. She also maintained she got up and put on a jumper which the friend she was travelling with was carrying, but to her surprise was not allowed to return to her seat.

Harriet and the friend had to spend the night at Malaga airport and fly the following day.

An easyJet statement insisted the 31-year old was “politely requested” to wear an additional top for the flight, but was removed from the plane because she “proceeded to act disruptively towards a member of our crew.


  1. So EasyJet are morality police now as well? Her attire was ‘inappropriate for a plane with children on board’. Has anyone determined scientifically that children would be traumatised by this? I doubt it. And once in her seat how many children will be making a special trip to look at her? None. Once again it is just people with body hang-ups deciding that their views are so important that they can force someone to miss their flight. Pathetic.

  2. Airlines can be very protective toward their employees, so any indication of impoliteness or even mild physical actions can make the crew gang up, judge on the spot and punish a passenger, however undeserving or deserving of the treatment. They know that most passengers would not follow up on the time-wasting procedure for repeated complaints and getting back their due.


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