Heart attack victim’s life saved at Mijas Golf Course

Carlos Firetto with security guard Fernando. Credit: DOC Press Release / Facebook (Mijas Golf)

A 73 year old Italian tourist suffered a heart attack whilst playing at the Mijas course.

Carlo Firetto was enjoying a round of golf at his favourite course on the Costa de Sol when the attack happened.

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Two quick thinking security guards were on the scene and used a newly installed defibrillator to restart the man’s heart.

Carlo praised the installation of the device at the course and the quick reactions of the security guard.

“I am alive thanks to the defibrillator and Fernando (one of the security guards). I don’t know how to thank Mijas Golf for hiring this service. If it had happened to me in any other place that does not have this device, I would not be here. I have been reborn and I feel better than ever.”

Lorenzo Perez, director of the Club said “The feeling of having helped save a life is indescribable. I think we need to extend the use of defibrillators and staff training in these techniques because having the proper means to act quickly means the difference between life and death in these cases.”


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