First wheelchair for calf

HELP: able to walk thanks to first wheelchair. CREDIT: Asociación Vacaloura Santuario Animal / Facebook

LAZARO, a two month old calf in Northern Spain unable to stand or walk, was saved by a shelter who built a ‘wheelchair’ allowing him a better quality of life.

Lazaro, born in a livestock farm in O Grove suffered hypoxia, a lack of oxygen to the brain, during childbirth.

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Inés Trillo co-founder of The Vacaloura Animal Sanctuary, a shelter for farm animals in Santiago de Compostela, became aware of Lazaro’s case via public television.

Trillo said: “The shelter will give him a decent life where he is not to be sentenced to death because of his disability.”

Trillo and the team at Vacaloura devised a metal framed and harnessed wheelchair the first of its kind in Spain to allow Lazaro to move comfortably.

The Vacaloura Animal Sanctuary guarantee Lazaro will be taken care of until he dies a natural death.


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