€10 for ‘touching his testicles’

ANNOYED: Waitress charged a customer an extra €10 for being annoying Credit: Twitter

A WAITRESS in a Basque country bar turned the tables on an “annoying customer” by charging him €10 for him “touching his testicles.”

She added the ‘item’ to a €12.50 round of drinks as a joke with the permission of her boss.

And the customer paid up without complaining when he saw the Spanish phrase “Por tocar los cojones” which literally means for touching your testicles, but is actually slang for being an annoying person or irritating behaviour.


It turns out that the group buying the drinks were friends of her boss, so when waitress Anka Paduriano hatched the plot he readily agreed. “We are a bit mischievous, we like to play jokes,” she said.


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