New “High Speed” connection from Granada to Malaga falls short on promises

CREDIT: Pixabay

Eleven years in the making, the new high speed rail link between Malaga and Granada is scheduled to open on June 26.

Renfe will start operations in September with between four and six daily departures but the estimated journey time has only been predicted at one hour and 20 minutes, very similar to what it takes in a private vehicle.

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The proposed routes include a stop in the Santa Ana station in Antequera which is expected to add on another 20 minutes to the journey.

When the project was originally conceived back in 2007, the Antequera-Granada High Speed ​​Line (LAV) was set to make the journey in less than an hour, however changes in the route and a not so high speed of an estimated speed of 100kph have increased the journey time significantly.

Estimated prices have also been released by Alsa, with return prices between the two capitals via the new Antequera station coming in at around €47.


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