Earth moves in Almeria

The National Geographic Institute registered three tremors in Zurgena in the early hours of Tuesday. Credit: Shutterstock

THE earth moved in Almeria in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The National Geographic Institute reported a tremor measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale at 3.52am, the epicentre to the south-east of Zurgena.

The movement was just two kilometres down and was also felt in other parts of the province, including Albox and Huercal-Overa. There were no reports of material damage.


Three hours earlier there had been a smaller tremor in the same area, registered at 2.8, and just before 5am there was a 1.9 magnitude replica.

Earlier on Monday there were two earth movements in the Alboran Sea: a 1.9 just after 2pm and a 1.6 just after 8pm.


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