Parts of Spain prepare for the backlash of Storm Miguel

Northern Spain braces itself for severe storm.

NORTHERN Spain is being warned to brace itself for a spell of extremely bad weather as the remnants of Storm Miguel moves across the region.

The Spanish Metrological Office, Aemet has predicted that 12 provinces across Northern Spain could be affected by the bad weather which could see winds approaching 100kmph accompanied by heavy rain.

The storm was forecast to reach A Coruña and Galicia, in northwestern Spain, at lunchtime today, Thursday, before moving across the north of the Country.


Aemet claims the storm could become more and more severe during the night into Friday and move up into the Bay of Biscay before hitting the French coast in the early hours of Friday morning.

It is then expected to continue northwards hitting Southern England, South Wales and Ireland on Friday, though with less intensity.


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