SCAM WEDDING: Group ‘ran arranged marriage network’

FALSE MARRIAGES: Police believe a group falsified marriage certificates for residency.Credit: Shutterstock

POLICE have detained 40 people on suspicion on belonging to a group which arranged marriages for visa.

Officers from the Guardia Civil brought down the gang, which was allegedly operating in Valencia, Alaquas, Manises and Elda, within the framework of Operacion Boda (operation wedding).

The group were said to have sourced ‘brides’, who were paid up to €1,000 per marriage to men from non-EU countries, who would hand over up to €17,000 for match. Police investigations began last August, when officers uncovered a gang was arranging marriages between Spanish women and Romanian and Indian men.


Officers believe the gang falsified marriage certificates, claiming they were from Portugal, Romania and Greece. Other group members were allegedly in charge of falsifying social security records to prove income.

Among those arrested were suspects from Spain, Romania, India and Venezuela.


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