School trip monorail train rescue in Spain, 48 children rescued

Monorail breakdown, 48 children rescuedCredit: Twitter

PALMA (Mallorca) firemen have been called in to rescue 48 children from a monorail train that broke down on an elevated section.

The youngsters from the IES Jafuda Cresques secondary school were stuck for an hour and a half at a height of about eight metres in Son Reus when their school trip went wrong.

Bombers de Palma fire fighters used an elevated platform to bring the students and three adults to safety.


The incident occurred shortly after half past one on the Camí de sa Fita. The children had been visiting the Centre d’Educació Ambiental of TIRME (Environmental Education Centre). The visit was supposed to be concluded with a short train ride around the campus.  Instead the youngsters ended up with a ride in a fire engine.


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