WILDFIRE: Firefighters and helicopters 24-hour battle against major Tenerife blaze

WILDFIRE: Firefighters on the spot Credit: Cabildo Tfe Press Twitter

MORE than 100 firefighters aided by helicopters dropping water spent 24 hours tackling the first major wildfire of the year in Tenerife.

The fire started in the Teide National Park on the island and soon covered 20 hectares of land at the base of the Mount Teide Volcano.

Smoke and flames were easily seen across Tenerife and trenches were dug as fire breaks as the personnel attempted to contain the ferocious blaze, often having to tackle areas on foot and extinguish smouldering undergrowth with hand held implements.


According to the Cabildo de Tenerife it was eventually brought under control thanks to a reduction in temperature and winds as well as the hard work of those involved in fighting the fire.

An investigation will now take place as to what may have caused this conflagration as the island stays alert to other possible outbreaks fuelled by the extreme temperatures.


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